60 Minute Facials

Total Skin Diagnosis- $50 

Using advanced technology, The skin analyser will tell you everything about your skin. It will show you microscopic images of your skin, measure hydration and sebum levels, and provides further advice.

Designer- $105

We design a customised facial unique for you

Rehydra- $95
The Rehydra Facial is sublime for hydrating thirsty skin. Protecting, soothing, and hydrating, this facial doesn't only hydrate but also helps skin to hold onto water naturally. It will help to soften fine lines and wrinkles and leave the skin feeling plumped and hydrated with a healthy glow.


Lime- $105

An anti oxidant and brightening treatment ideal for tired and dull skins, this vitamin C enriched facial will protect and brighten your skin. High volumes of vitamin C help to regenerate your skin and ensure protection from everyday free radicals that break down your collagen and elastin. Guaranteeing to brighten, strengthen and shield your skin from ageing, it will also leave you feeling energised and fresh. Highly recommended for those exposed to the outdoors


Bio+ - $95
Vagheggi’s signature Bio plus facial is 100% vegan and organically certified. Jam packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals, olive and linseed oil for hydration, age care,  and restoring properties, and lastly vitamins A, B, C, E, K and J to give your skin the best nourishment. This facial is ideal for all skins types even the most sensitive, providing healing, nourishment and anti ageing benefits. It will leave your skin feeling calm, hydrated and restored with the most raw ingredients manufactured by nature. Inspired by an antique dry brush and oiling ritual, this facial offers a specialised lymphatic drainage aiding in detoxifying, fluid retention, nutrient exchanges and aids penetration and absorption of active ingredients that simulate collagen and elastin. 

Emozinoi- $95
Stressed and Sensitive skins Emozioni focuses on repairing the skin barrier, Reducing  redness and nourishing the skin. Key ingredients like blueberry help improve walls of blood vessels resulting in reduced redness and helping with elasticity. This treatment will leave your skin feeling calm and soothed while giving your skin a deep repairing session.

Intense- $125

This high performing anti-ageing facial line uses next generation active ingredients that help reestablish communication to fibroblasts which are responsible for the creation of collagen. With the combination of raw ingredients like white peony and sea algae this treatment leaves the skin protected from everyday pollutants that cause ageing and aid in the rebuilding of collagen for more visibly younger and refined looking skin.


75.15 Active touch- $140

A step down from the 75.15 superior touch but still including all the same deliciousness that 75.15 has to offer, the Active touch is more suited to those who are time sensitive. Swapping out 2 masks for one, you will reap all the youthful benefits 75.15 delivers to your skin in a more time friendly manner.

White Moon- $95

This treatment will brighten, level out skin thickness and even out skin tone leaving it looking radiant and smooth. Ideal for skins with pigmentation and a dull appearance it also has an anti-ageing effect. A natural synergy if AHA’s help to give the skin a light peel and aid in the process of cell turnover resulting in reduced pigmentation, fine lines and a brighter glowing complexion.

Facial ADD-ONS

Microdermabrasion - $30

Milia / Blackhead extraction - $20

Multipolar Radio Frequency- $80

Fractional Radio Frequency- $100

Ultrasound - $40

LED light therapy - $30






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