My Skin Journey

This photo is of Sandi the owner of Blush Beauty Therapy showing her skin journey and real results from the Vagheggi Skincare, the advanced technology used in the salon and making adjustments within her diet and lifestyle habits.

Sandis Story

As a beauty therapist on a daily basis we are modelling our own work and to have troubled skin was far from ideal. It played on my self esteem and confidence. My skin first started to change in early March 2019 to start with it was just the odd pimple and slightly more black heads than usual. Having never had troubled skin I began to freak out and used every product under the sun, I would try it for about a week and if I didn't see any improvement onto the next product. I began to wash my makeup brushes every week and bring them into work to sterilise them, I looked into my makeup maybe that was what was clogging up my skin, I would change my pillow case every second night, I would think about anything topical that could be clogging my skin up ( washing powder, sweating, swimming pools. Anything where there could be bacteria.) My skin got worse! I began to get deep blind pimples and I couldn't help myself but to pick and squeeze. I then decided to commit to the 6 week course of peels, This was using minimal home care and giving my skin a powerful kick start to renew itself. This I found very effective and would notice positive results the following day, Then two days after my skin would come back angry and the pimples were more painful, deeper and no heads. I felt like one step forward and two steps backwards.

Once finishing the 6 week course I reassessed my home care and did the skin analyser for a total diagnosis. My results were far from what I thought and I came to realise my cleanser may have been to strong for my skin.

Over this time my skin was at its absolute worst it has ever been, People were starting to comment on my skin, I wouldn't leave the house without caking on the makeup, I wanted to stay home as much as I could so that I didn't have to wear makeup. I didn't feel comfortable within myself and I HATED MY SKIN!

On the weekends I spent all my time researching I became absolutely obsessed.

I took the plunge and purchased the LED light which I began to use every week, I started on the Vagheggi Bio+ line ( 100% organic and vegan ) only using a cleanser/ toner, serum and day cream.

I had also looked into my diet and started taking probiotics.

I started doing yoga to help relax and making the effort to eat proper meals and stop eating instant food.

Within weeks I noticed big changes and within 2 months my skin had cleared up! But...... I was now left with scarring and abit of congestion ( Blackheads) . I decided to do the dermaplaning to remove the congestion and to help the products penetrate deeper giving better results, I also added in the Emozioni Serum to my home care to help repair and rebuild my skin. This worked really well and within a week I no longer had any congestion.

I waited another few weeks and the discolouration of the scarring was still bothering me so I took it to the next level and did the Micro- Needling to break up the scarring and renew my skin.

In reflection I have been on quite a skin journey, It has increased my knowledge and helped me to have a better understanding of what others are going through, Skin isn't simple and there's not one answer for everyone, although this worked for me your skin journey could look quite different.

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