There is no need for lash extensions anymore when you can have naturally longer stronger lashes!

This is a client of blush, Lash lift (left) VS Lash Extensions (right) 

after a year of wearing lash extensions and appointments every two weeks we decided to try for something that would be more sustainable and long term.

She has used Revitalash in combo with Jeuneora and on return for the lash lift her natural lashes were unrecognisable! 

They are now LONGER, THICKER, STRONGER than we could ever make them look using lash extensions, and now this beautiful client can enjoy her lashes for upto 8 weeks before needing another appointment.



Lasts 6-8 weeks

Your own natural lashes lifted for an effortless beauty, low maintenance that makes your eyes pop!

Lash lift $75

Lash lift & tint $89

Lash lift & Eyeworks Combo $125

Lash lift After care

For the first 24 hours you will be required to not get your lashes wet, Wear mascara or sleep on them pushing them into the pillow, The first 24 hours it is crucial you follow these instructions as your lashes are still venerable.

See below for more photos

Lash Extensions

Recommended  for a Special Occasion, This flawless look comes with high maintenance requiring infills every 1-3 weeks

Mini fill 45mins $60
Maintenance fill 60mins $80
Large fill 90mins $120

(NOTE- We will not infill work done elsewhere)

Please choose the correct fill for you to avoid disappointment

New sets
Classic/Natural $120

Classics are one lash extension to one of your natural lashes,

These sets are great for adding length, and a good starting point if you have never had lashes.

Hybrid $160

(1/2 natural 1/2 volume) Hybrids are that little bit extra, they can be light and fluffy, But Also create more volume, The soft fluffy fans can make for more comfort with wearing the lashes.

Each different set can be styled to suit your eye shape and create a look you desire. PLEASE NOTE- Sets vary person to person as everyone has a different amount of natural lashes. Strength/ Length also play a big part.


Please DO NOT wear any mascara to lash appointments


Lash Extensions are high maintenance and require infills every

1-3 weeks.

Not so good for people with highly active lifestyles, as sweat can make your lashes pop off faster.

Lash Extension aftercare

No sleeping on your face - sleep on your back if possible, place your hand between your face and pillow to protect extensions from being squashed into the pillow.


No rubbing, pulling or letting shower water beat down on the extensions. Constant repetitive movements on the extensions can weaken the bonds and cause them to pop off or damage the follicle. The heavy weight of the water will cause this. Do not brush extensions when wet allow to dry first. Excessive heat and stem can cause the extensions to straighten, hair dryers are big culprits for singed extension tips. 


Absolutely NO mascara, liquid liners, gel liner or oils , glycols or carbomers. They will dissolve the adhesive and cause sticky thick build up and clump the natural lash and extensions together which can lead to irritation of the eye. It’s hard to wash these off without rubbing off your extensions. For makeup wearers advise to use a powder with a wet angle brush . If clients wear mascara on the bottom lashes (MUST BE NON WATERPROOF) they must wash off before bed it can build up into the base of the upper lash line.


Clients must cleanse their lashes daily with a gentle water based cleanser (Lashpure Eyelid Cleanser) Any build up along the lash line or base can inhibit cellular turnover blocking the follicle from oxygen which can lead to lash loss or bacteria build up leading to infection, dry irritated eyes.

Lash Pure  

Lash Pure Cleanser is a unique, ophthalmologist tested cleansing formula that not only effectively removes eye makeup, but is used to help treat and prevent blepharitis. Proper cleansing of the lashes is essential in preventing

eye conditions that can occur when bacteria or PH levels are out of balance. Lash Pure Cleanser is an absolute must-have product for all lash artists and lash extension wearers to maintain eye hygiene and health!

+ Gently but effectively removes eye makeup, and does not weaken lash extension bonds

+ Foam pump
+ All-natural and paraben free
+ Sensitive formula
+ Contains pH balanced foaming agent + Aids in eye health and comfort

Tinting & waxing

Brow shape $25

Brow tint $25

Lash tint $25

Brow shape & tint $45

lash & brow tint $45

Brow Shape & lash tint $45
Eyeworks ( brow shape & tint, lash tint) $50 


Lash Extensions 

Lash lifts



Lash extensions


How long do lash extensions last?

-This varies from person to person and depends on how well you look after your lashes, Most people need infills very 1-3 weeks others can last upto 8 weeks.

Lash Extensions


Can I get my lashes wet?

-Yes lash extensions can get wet and we encourage clients to wash their lashes to maintain good health. 

Lash lift


What is a lash lift?

-A lash lift is when your natural lashes being lifted/curled. A lash lift lasts approximately 6-8 weeks.

( check out the before and after photos)

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