Words published by those who know us best!

"Like a lot of younger people in my days we loved to sit in the sun and bake our skin to get brown, as a result of this I had a lot of skin pigmentation ( sun spots) on my face. I started using white moon every day and within a couple of months started to notice the difference. The pigmentation has become a lot lighter if not faded away. 

I have tried quite a few of the skin products and always come back to the vitamin c moisturizer as I find it a good nourishing cream for everyday use.  Another  go to daily is my bio redensifying essence  and also my Bio Face Cleanser toner.

One of the new products that Sandi put me onto last year was the SPF50+ Anti pollution drops this is amazing stuff. I don’t like putting normal sunscreen on my face as it tends to  run into my eyes. I have used this all last summer and have found it to be really good as part of an everyday use.

I have had a few facials over my time but I think the one that I have seen the most results from will be the Derma-planing,  not the most relaxing of facials but in terms of results it really shows and it is one that I would have again. 

What I like about Blush Beauty is that the staff are always friendly and helpful and know the products that they are using really well. The environment is relaxing and you feel like you are being treated special everytime. "

- Debbie B -

“It’s hard to know who to trust with your brows & skin, but with the wonderful team at Blush they will always be my go to for all my beauty requirements and as a regular client I can highly recommend.  My skin has never felt better and I will never let anyone else touch my brows again! I absolutely love my visits to the salon, I always leave feeling pampered, calm & rejuvenated.”

- Sophie G -

“Sandi is the only person I trust with my brows these days! After several bad experiences leaving me with patchy brows and trust issues, finding Sandi was a huge relief. She always provides great chat, her salon is beautiful and clean, and her talent in all things beauty is something to be envied. Will continue to recommend Blush to everyone I know ”

- Bianca G -

"Just on a year ago I signed up for one of the Facial Treatment Plan options. I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin which is more even all over now, the black circles under eyes have disappeared in that I no longer have to wear concealer each day, and wrinkles have significantly reduced. I have just signed up to continue the plan into 2020. Thank you Blush Beauty for introducing these Treatment Plans"

- Adele H -

The blush team have the best customer service I have experienced in Whangarei. The girls always greet you promptly on arrival and always with a smile. And any enquires are responded to within the hour. I love the special touches like the drinks list that accommodates the nail services and the fact the salon is always emasculate. I always leave blush extremely happy with my brows or nails and have always had some great conversation.

- Leyhanna S -

I have been going to Blush Beauty Therapy for all my personal care since their opening.  They have a professional approach, knowledge and quality of care is above reproach.  I have never left an appointment feeling anything but fabulous and happy with everything they do. I highly recommend Sandi and her team”.


- Claire C -

A big thank you Blush for making me feel a million dollars after every visit!  I have used many of the products and I book regular appointments for varying treatments with Blush and could not be happier with everything that I have done and the products I use.  I have recommended Blush to many of my friends and family because of the quality, caring, professional service I have experienced over the years is second to none

- Emily C -






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