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Clinic Policy

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Updated Policies

As technology and therapies change at a rapid rate, Blush Beauty Therapy is always adapting and improving our techniques and equipment.

Due to this, our services and treatment prices may be changed at our discretion in order to allow for these advancements. All future updates to your plan will be emailed to you and any updates will be added to the policies page on the website.


Start-up Fee

There is a set non-refundable start-up fee that is to be paid in full upon signing this agreement. Start-up prices vary based on the plan chosen. Silver $175, Gold $220 and Platinum $310.

The start-up fee includes one facial, diagnosis and admin set up.


Payment Policy

When you sign up to our treatment plan you are authorising Blush Beauty Therapy to automatically deduct the treatment plan price for a 45-week term. Payments will be direct debited from the given bank account weekly on a Thursday or monthly on the 20th. It is your responsibility to ensure the funds are available for the direct debit to successfully commence and it is Blush Beauty Therapy's responsibility to file the direct debit on the correct dates as agreed.


If payment fails, Blush Beauty Therapy will automatically retry to process payments up to 3 times, until successful. An Administration Fee of $20 applies. If payment still fails, the Blush Beauty Therapy team will be in touch with you to seek alternative payment or to cancel your plan in accordance with the cancellation policy.


When the 45-week term is complete the treatment plan will renew for another 45-week term and these terms and conditions will still apply, unless you cancel beforehand. Prior to the end of your treatment plan, you will be notified that your treatment plan is due to renew. You will also be notified of any changes to the plan price before the automatic renewal of your treatment plan. If you wish to end the treatment plan at 45 weeks you must notify Blush Beauty Therapy. If you do not provide notice of cancellation of the plan it will renew.


Exchange Policy

Treatment plans and all its benefits can not be shared, gifted or transferred between people. Facials on your plan can not be exchanged for other services with a similar value (such as waxing).

Product exchanges will follow the store guidelines and policies as per the website.

Appointment and Lateness Policy

At Blush Beauty Therapy all appointments require a minimum of 24-hours notice to change or reschedule an appointment to give us time to fill the vacant spot. Any appointment that is missed, changed or cancelled without 24-hours notice, a facial will be forfeited from your plan and/or will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the value of your booked appointment. For more on this policy, please refer to the website.


Treatment Plan Suspension

You may choose to put your payments for your treatment plan on hold for a maximum of three months however an Administration Fee of $50 applies. The hold on your payments can only be utilised once during each 45-week term and no treatments can be redeemed during this time.

In a state of emergency or pandemic which prevents Blush Beauty Therapy from operating, your plan and payments will go on hold once up to date and no Administration Fee will be charged. Payments will resume as soon as Blush Beauty Therapy is open again.


Cancellation Policy

The treatment plan entitles you to exclusive offers, discounts and free services. If for any reason you would like to cancel your treatment plan before the 45-week term of payments are complete, a cancellation fee of $150 will apply. The cancellation fee is to be paid by direct debit in full or in multiple payments until fulfilled.



If you wish to opt-out or cancel your treatment plan, you are not entitled to a refund due to the exclusive offers, discounts and free services included in the treatment plans.


Product refunds will follow the clinic guidelines and policies.


Specials and Product Purchases

Clinic specials, combos and packages (eg monthly promotions) can not be redeemed in conjunction with the benefits of the treatment plan.

Benefits for treatment plan members can not be used to discount a purchase of a product or service for an individual that is not a treatment plan member.