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Starting with the Skin Analyser a proper skin diagnosis can make all the difference. For as little as $25 a week you could be treating theses concerns with advanced technology, skincare and professional advice Vagheggi skincare can provide you with RESULTS!


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30 Minute FACIALS


Designer express$75

We design a customised facial unique for you

75.15 Eye Touch- $50

A specific treatment with a targeted action for the delicate area around the eyes, the 75.15 touch is refreshing, anti ageing, energizing and relaxing. It gives a noticeable improvement of micro-wrinkles, reducing bags and dark circles while plumping. Perfect for those who are concerned about ageing around the eyes or who are in need of a healing treatment when those dark circles just won’t leave you alone.

Prima- $75

Prima is perfect for clients who are looking for an active facial with immediate results. It is unique in treating dilated pores, appearances of ageing and impure blemished skins. It is a resurfacing and regenerating peel with naturally sourced AHA’s that will leave the skin feeling plumped, hydrated and renewed with visible improvements of skin concerns following soon after. 

NOTE- For best results we advise a 6 week course.


Light therapy is a targeted, non-invasive treatment that stimulates the skin's natural regeneration process, leaving you with a clear and fresh-looking complexion.


Red light

- Skin rejuvenation program
- Wrinkle reduction
- Skin toning tightening and texturing
- Fading freckles and skin spots, age spots skin healing after sun damage.

Blue light

- Acne Care
- Kills P bacteria
- Stabilises sebum secreting glands
- Anti-microbial Therapy
- Improve Blood Circulation

Balance- $85
The Balance Facial is the solution for impure skins. It will attend to dilated pores, shine, blemishes and act as a S.O.S for acne prone skins and break outs. This treatment is all about balancing out oil and water in the skin and is effective for clearing excess oils, blackheads and build up of dead surface skin. Perfect for a deep skin clear out and treatment of blemished skins.

Microdermabrasion $85

Microdermabrasion removes dead skin, Improves skin texture and reduces congestion, encourages circulation and promotes cell renewal. Leaving your skin looking younger and radiant.

60 Minute Facials

Designer- $105

We design a customised facial unique for you

Rehydra- $95
The Rehydra Facial is sublime for hydrating thirsty skin. Protecting, soothing, and hydrating, this facial doesn't only hydrate but also helps skin to hold onto water naturally. It will help to soften fine lines and wrinkles and leave the skin feeling plumped and hydrated with a healthy glow.


Lime- $105

An anti oxidant and brightening treatment ideal for tired and dull skins, this vitamin C enriched facial will protect and brighten your skin. High volumes of vitamin C help to regenerate your skin and ensure protection from everyday free radicals that break down your collagen and elastin. Guaranteeing to brighten, strengthen and shield your skin from ageing, it will also leave you feeling energised and fresh. Highly recommended for those exposed to the outdoors


Bio+ - $95
Vagheggi’s signature Bio plus facial is 100% vegan and organically certified. Jam packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals, olive and linseed oil for hydration, age care,  and restoring properties, and lastly vitamins A, B, C, E, K and J to give your skin the best nourishment. This facial is ideal for all skins types even the most sensitive, providing healing, nourishment and anti ageing benefits. It will leave your skin feeling calm, hydrated and restored with the most raw ingredients manufactured by nature. Inspired by an antique dry brush and oiling ritual, this facial offers a specialised lymphatic drainage aiding in detoxifying, fluid retention, nutrient exchanges and aids penetration and absorption of active ingredients that simulate collagen and elastin. 

White Moon- $95

This treatment will brighten, level out skin thickness and even out skin tone leaving it looking radiant and smooth. Ideal for skins with pigmentation and a dull appearance it also has an anti-ageing effect. A natural synergy if AHA’s help to give the skin a light peel and aid in the process of cell turnover resulting in reduced pigmentation, fine lines and a brighter glowing complexion.

Emozinoi- $95
Stressed and Sensitive skins Emozioni focuses on repairing the skin barrier, Reducing  redness and nourishing the skin. Key ingredients like blueberry help improve walls of blood vessels resulting in reduced redness and helping with elasticity. This treatment will leave your skin feeling calm and soothed while giving your skin a deep repairing session.

Intense- $125

This high performing anti-ageing facial line uses next generation active ingredients that help reestablish communication to fibroblasts which are responsible for the creation of collagen. With the combination of raw ingredients like white peony and sea algae this treatment leaves the skin protected from everyday pollutants that cause ageing and aid in the rebuilding of collagen for more visibly younger and refined looking skin.


75.15 Active touch- $140

A step down from the 75.15 superior touch but still including all the same deliciousness that 75.15 has to offer, the Active touch is more suited to those who are time sensitive. Swapping out 2 masks for one, you will reap all the youthful benefits 75.15 delivers to your skin in a more time friendly manner.

90 Minute Facial

75.15 Superior Touch- $190

One of our richest and most delicious facials on offer, our 75.15 superior touch will have you walking away a more youthful you. Perfect for mature skins this facial forcefully fights skin ageing using a new strategy that rejuvenates and redensifies your skin, in conjunction with key ingredients like hyaluronic acid, amethyst and brown alga it helps to redefine facial contours with a lifting effect. Also specifically including an eye treatment and the royal face mask. It will leave the skin looking younger, glowing and nourished. If you were after the ultimate reverse ageing facial and tranquil experience this is perfect for you.



Three Advanced treatments combined into one to create an instant lift and tighten of the face.


Multipolar Radio Frequency 


Multipolar Radio Frequency is the new, revolutionary skin rejuvenation system requiring no surgery. You will see instant results, without any pain or recovery downtime. Ageing is inevitable, but with, new scientific breakthroughs, has made delaying the process and even turning back the clock a reality.


The FaceLab Four is the ultimate SUPER facial! Using four advanced technologies to renew, lift and tighten.


Multipolar Radio Frequency 

Fractional Radio Frequency 


-Microdermabrasion removes dead skin, Improves skin texture and reduces congestion, encourages circulation and promotes cell renewal. Leaving your skin looking younger and radiant.


-Multipolar Radio Frequency is the new, revolutionary skin rejuvenation system requiring no surgery. You will see instant results, without any pain or recovery downtime. Ageing is inevitable, but with, new scientific breakthroughs, has made delaying the process and even turning back the clock a reality.


-Fractional RF is an innovative technique, Less invasive then surgical lasers and micro needling, which visibly reduce wrinkles, plumping and redensifying the facial contours. This advanced treatment can work on Wrinkles, Pore size, Scaring, Pigmentation and More!


-Ultrasound works pushing concentrated products deeper into the skin than ever before! It works in waves activating the product to work on a higher level in the skin.

Advanced Eye Touch $95

Regenerating, plumping and Brightening this facial is just for your eye area, Rich in active ingredients it lifts firms and tightens, feeling cool and Refreshing

 Plus Advance technology to penetrate the product deeper into the skin, giving you higher faster results.

Dermaplaning Express $90

Dermaplaning Deluxe $125 (Added mask and massage for relaxation and higher results)


Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and velours hair. It is also highly effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while leaving the skin smooth, supple and vibrant. Dermaplaning increases the penetration of active ingredients in treatment and with home care products. It creates the perfect canvas for makeup application which makes it the go to before a special event.

Dermal Needling $299

Micro-needling is aimed at stimulating the body's own collagen production by trigging our wound healing response to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, skin laxity, scarring and more. 

Add on to any facial


Microdermabrasion - $30

Milia / Blackhead extraction - $20

Peel- $40

Multipolar Radio Frequency- $80

Fractional Radio Frequency- $100

Ultrasound - $40

Skin Consultation 15mins - FREE

Total Skin Diagnosis- $50 

( Using advanced technology, The skin analyser will tell you everything about your skin )

Total Skin Diagnosis- $50 

Using advanced technology, The skin analyser will tell you everything about your skin. It will show you microscopic images of your skin, measure hydration and sebum levels, and provides further advice.



Brow shape $25

Brow tint $25

Lash tint $25

Brow shape & tint $45

lash & brow tint $45

Brow Shape & lash tint $45
Eyeworks ( brow shape & tint, lash tint) $50 



Lash Lifts

Lash lift $75

Lash lift & tint $89

Lash lift & Eyeworks Combo $125

Lash Extensions


New sets

Classic/Natural $120

Hybrid  $160


Mini fill 45mins $60
Maintenance fill 60mins $80
Large fill 90mins $120


Please choose the correct fill for you to avoid disappointment

Please DO NOT wear any mascara to lash appointments



Bikini $35
Extended bikini $45

Brazilian $65
1/2 leg $45

3/4 leg wax $55
Full leg $60
Arm $45
Under Arm $25

Tummy line $25
lip $15
chin $15
lip & chin $25

Nostril $20
Facial wax ( lip, chin & cheeks ) $30

Cheeks $25

Waxing packages


Head to toes $130

(Brow shape, Lip wax, Under arms, Bikini and full leg)

SAVE $30

Head to toes+ $165

(Brow shape, Lip wax, Under arms, Brazilian and full leg)

SAVE $25

Brazilian + Eyeworks $100

Male waxing


Back $50

Chest $50

Back & chest $90

Nostril $20

Brow shape $25

Manicure & Pedicure


Manicure $45
Shellac Manicure $60

Mini mani 15mins $25

Kids mani 15mins $25


Pedicure $65

Shellac Pedicure $70

Deluxe Pedicure $105

Shellac Deluxe Pedicure $110

Shape + Polish $50

Shellac Shape + Polish $55

Mens Pedicure $50

Kids Pedicure $29

Shellac removal Only $39

Shellac removal add on $15

Shellac removal Loyalty add on $5

Manicure & Pedicure Combo $110

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure Combo $130

Shellac Manicure $ Regular Pedicure $125

(Pedicures- Please come prepared with open toed shoes)



Special Occasion Makeup $75

Halloween Makeup $75

Festival Makeup $75

Eye Makeup $45
Add party lashes From $15

(PLEASE NOTE- Lipsticks will not last all day/night and will need topping up, so you can bring one you'd like to wear or we have some here that are available to purchase)

Makeup lesson

-30mins $45

-60 mins $75

Makeup Color Match - Free

(We are proud stockist of Vagheggi makeup) 


Bridal makeup (includes a trial) $140
To secure your special date, please contact us


Please enquire

Spray Tan


Leg tan $25

Arm tan $25

Full body tan $45

Please come with nothing on your skin eg. moisturiser,

please wax and shave at least 24hrs before

Please bring baggy clothes for after and loose footwear



30min back neck and shoulder Massage $65

60min full body Massage $89

30min Magnesium back neck and shoulder Massage $75

60min Magnesium full body Massage $99

Breast Firming treatment $75

The specialised breast firming treatment contains the marine active ingredient “Algae Dictyopteris” which is a brown algea also known by the name “Perfume of Hawaii”. These algae stimulate the proteins involved in the nutrition of the fat cells and therefore has a plumping, lifting and volume-enhancing effect on the breast.

(Best results 1 a week for 6 weeks, pay for 5 get the 6th one FREE)

Sikelia Stretch Marks Treatment $85

(Best results 1 a week for 6 weeks, pay for 5 get the 6th one FREE)



Designed for the perfect Gifts!


Total of 1.5hours  -$160 (Valued at $190)

30min Designer Facial
30min Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Eyeworks (brow shape & tint, lash tint)


Total of 3hours - $270 ( Valued at $299 )

3 hours of pure pampering!
1hour massage
1hour Designer Facial
1hour deluxe Pedi


Total of 2hours - $170 ( Valued at $194)

Brow shape+ Tint

Lash lift+ Tint

Shellac Manicure

COURSE OF PEELS - (Please consult a Blush therapist)

1 a week for 5 weeks and you get the 6th one FREE

More details please book in for a consultation

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